Play The Hell Out Of The Cards You Were Dealt



This goes for anything you’ve been resisting and resenting- both the big shit and the small shit. The family that wasn’t what you needed, the relationships that shattered you, your chemical imbalances and accidents and traumatic events.
And also the procrastination, the white lies and bad decisions, the days you chose happy hours over workouts, the times you didn’t call your parents, not recycling as much as you should, racking up credit card debt, under-preparing for a job interview or a final exam- all those little decisions, they can add up too. They can feel just as heavy sometimes.
No matter what you’re facing, no matter the cards you’ve been dealt, PLAY THE HELL OUT OF THEM. Start now. However behind you feel, start now. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go. It is your obligation. || #soulsparks


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