About Me

Welcome to my blog.

I started bogging years ago, long before there was even a word to describe it. For me, I was simply sharing my stories on the internet as an intention to stay in touch with my friends. Little did I expect that it would be consumable by strangers and that there would come a time that we would shift from story telling to the mundane of each other’s lives through Facebook.

A few years ago, I stopped posting. Mixed with equal parts “what do I have to say that isn’t already being said?” and “it’s so much easier to just repost things on Facebook”, I just let it collect dust.

But this past weekend, I woke up and realized I needed a place for myself again. A place where I could write and be honest. About myself. My journey. My life. A place where I could collect the articles and the inspiration that I find or that friends have shared with me as well as a place for me to write. Write what? I don’t know yet. Poems? Stories? Random thoughts? Lists? Only time will tell.

But as I prepare to turn 43 years old, navigate a divorce from a man I love and have been married to less than a year, while working on a job 3,000 miles away from my friends and family, my thoughts are doing me no good bouncing around in my brain, so here I am… ready to share, heal and seek clarity.

Thank you for stopping by.